• Coordinate the work of officers and committees
• Confirm that a quorum is met at the meetings
• Preside at the meetings
• Appoint the chair of each committee
• Authorized to sign on bank accounts
• Listed as principal officer, will sign tax documents
• Appoint someone who cannot sign checks to review bank statements
• Represent local PTA as a delegate to Council PTA
• Appoint financial reconciliation committee
• Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except nominating and financial reconciliation
• Attends Officer training and attends PTA meetings are PTA sponsored events
VP - Programs:
• Organize and present programs which focus on interaction between parents, teachers, administrators, students and community members to inspire and support a sense of school community.
VP - Fundraising:
• Provides general assistance to the President and steps in if President is absent
• Recruits and supports committee chairs for RBMS fundraising events including: sale and ordering of student agendas, sale and ordering of spirit gear, first dance, 8th grade dance, restaurant nights.
• Oversees all fundraising activities
• Files forms for fundraising events
• Coordinates all ways to earn money
• Attends all PTA Board and General meetings as well as PTA sponsored events
• Attends one time PTA officer training
• Forms committee to help with all the above
VP - Membership:
• Coordinates membership drive with community and staff
• Obtains supply of membership forms and disburses them to staff and office
• Prepares advertising for PTA Membership
• Advertises for any unfilled positions
• Requests volunteers to staff a membership table at the following events: Cougar Camp and 7th/8th grade open house
• Checks PTA mailbox for new membership forms
• Submits member names to Treasurer on PTA Membership Dues form to pay dues
• Attends one-time PTA officer training
• Attends PTA sponsored events
• Attends PTA Board and General meetings as well as PTA sponsored events
• Keep accurate account of all money received and disbursed
• Present financial report at each PTA meeting
• Ensure all funds received at events are counted by multiple individuals
• Make timely deposits to PTA bank account
• File all financial forms for PTA and tax purposes
• Perform checkbook and credit card reconciliations monthly
• Propose budget amendments as needed
• Submit all required items to financial reconciliation committee.
• Use outreach efforts to market PTA, create eye catching communication pieces
• In charge of PTA website, PTA social media and all communications sent via email to members
• Confer with President prior to meeting about agenda
• Brings resources to meetings
• Advises the president on points of parliamentary procedure
• Attends one-time PTA officer training
• Attends PTA board and general meetings as well as PTA sponsored events
• Record and maintain the minutes of all meetings
• Send notice of meetings
• Keep binder with Minutes, By-laws, Plans of work, training certificate completions, and up to date roster
• Attends one-time officer training
• Attends all PTA board and general meetings as well as PTA sponsored events
LEEF Ambassador:
• Provides communication and representation for RBMS with the Leander ISD Educational Excellence Foundation
Volunteer Coordinator:
• Oversees the recruitment and coordination of volunteers for all RBMS activities/events
• Works closely with the Fundraising VP to aid them in volunteer recruitment for fundraising activities
• Maintains a database of volunteers to communicate volunteer needs
• Attends PTA board and general meetings as well as PTA sponsored events
Reflections Coordinator:
• Advertises Reflections Program information
• Keeps Reflections bulletin board current
• Collects Reflection entries and submits to Council for judging
• Orders awards for participants
• Organizes and presents awards at the ceremony held on campus
• Attends PTA board and general meetings
Hospitality Chair:
• In charge of scheduling events and food for teachers (STAAR snacks, Teacher appreciation, spirit week, periodic lunches for teachers throughout the year)
• Keeps PTA closet in teachers lounge organized and stocked
• Attends PTA board and general meetings as well as PTA sponsored events
Dance Chair:
• In charge of planning PTA sponsored dances (1st dance of the year and 8th grade dance at end of year)
• Attends PTA board and general meetings as needed
LISD Clothes Closet Chair:
• Coordinates volunteers and donations for the LISD clothes closet
• Communicates needs for the closet at meetings
• Attends PTA board and general meetings as necessary