Several times during the school year, RBMS has Friday night dances for the students. This is a great way to hang out with friends and celebrate their time at RBMS in the familiarity of our campus. Each dance is sponsored by one of our school's organizations and proceeds go directly to those organizations to help fund their programs.
Dance details:

TIME: 6 pm - 8 pm
**Students MUST enter through the cafeteria doors.

ADMISSION: The cost of the dance is $5. It will be very helpful if you have the correct change (meaning—$1 bills—that’ll

get you in faster!)

REFRESHMENTS: Food and drink provided with sometimes included in addmission.  Typically additional snacks and non-food items available for purchase as well.

DROP-OFF AND PICK-UP: will take place at the cafeteria doors. Parents may form 2 car lanes along the curb, or park in the lot and walk to the sidewalk in from of the cafeteria. All students must be picked up. No student may walk home. Students will need to wait at the curb for parents. They won’t be allowed to cut through the parking lot or cross any streets. No student may be dropped off or picked up in front of the building.


6th graders 7:45 pm
7th graders 7:45 pm

8th graders at 8:00 pm

All school rules apply.  (Behavior, dress code, etc.).  If you choose to dance or behave inappropriately you will be given time out.  If you have additional problems, you will be sent home.
You may use your electronic devices in the cafeteria only, but not the gym. 
NO visitors will be permitted. This means cousins, friends, or other LISD students.
Students who are officially counted absent the entire day of the dance, may not attend the dance. Students who are in ISS or LEO are also not allowed to attend.